You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath. (terrorofpassion) wrote,
You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath.

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Every day I wish more and more that another part of the world would go missing.

Every time some smart ass thinks he's funny by calling me gay (wow, that's original) I wish I could just make certain things vanish.

Most of you will never know how it's like.

Getting treated like a mutant freak and piece of shit.

it's not the same as being treated like shit acuse you dress different and listen to weird music.

But being hated for the one you LOVE. Being shunned because the one you care about most in your life is the same gender as you.

Of course it's ok if you're a girl.

Which is another thing that pisses me off...

All thses fuckers that have problems of their own and try to take it out on me cause what?

Cause I'm gay. That's right. Cause i'm THAT much fucking different.

You know what?

Eat me. I don't give a flying fuck what the hell you think of me you pig-nosed tight-wad arrogant pieces of bloody shit.
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