You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath. (terrorofpassion) wrote,
You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath.

I dunno, I kinda like it...

The cool hint of winter's presence,
the light patter of life passed.
A faint, soft whisper, the
word only     L     leaving a mild
mark in life. Death is
as death does, following the
word with a strategic push.
The edge draws near, but
alas, it recedes. and lo' behold
the push now a pull, mere
eternal solitude     U     escaping as
the life is etched back
into veins that have felt
dead for years, renewed
known only by one word
a term used     S     only by
those who have felt it,
used it, acted upon it and
thus the oblige to it
forever succumbing
to what they      T     will forever
seek, bringing them back
from the death the expierence
when alone and without it
the point of life, the
meaning of everything becomes one.
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