You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath. (terrorofpassion) wrote,
You have no idea what beauty is hidden beneath.


People need to fucking stop with the stereo-types. It's really starting to fucking piss me the fuck off. Such as:

If you like TBS and BN, you're a cutter that cries all the time.

Like Rammstein? You're a poser freak that likes him cause he sings in german.

Enjoy rap? Get the fuck out, I don't want you stealing my shit.

Are you black? Maibi ii shud talke 2 u lyke dis.

Gay? You can't do anything, you're too much of a pussy, since you like the cock.

A girl? Let me lift that for you, it's genetics, hun, don't be mad.

Look! Someone with a mullet! I bet they're missing most of their teeth and don't make shit for money!

Dude....I'm a surfer...and

You like what? I've never heard of that, you're conforming to a non-conformist state of wanting to be different!

It's like these days no matter what you like you getting dissed on by some other asshole who likes something else. Ever think that some people have a characteristic of a stereotype without being that stereotype? Fuckheads, think. Ever think that maybe something's so popular because it's GOOD? Not just cause people want to like the same thing? Go fuck yourself, unvierse. We all need to die.
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